Liam Hemsworth Just Revealed How He Knew “It Was Time”

  • In a new interview with Sunday TODAY, Liam Hemsworth has opened up about proposing to Miley Cyrus, and how he knew it was time to get married.
  • Cyrus recently shared even more photos from the couple’s at-home nuptials on Instagram.
  • Cyrus and Hemsworth met while working on The Last Song, which is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks.

While promoting romantic comedy Isn’t It Romantic, Liam Hemsworth has been opening up about his relationship with Miley Cyrus. Having tied the knot in a small ceremony in their home in December 2018, fans are understandably excited to find out more details about the couple’s big day.

In an interview with NBC’s Sunday TODAY show, Hemsworth revealed that, having been with Cyrus on-and-off for ten years, he knew it was time to get married. He explained, “We’ve been through so much together over the last 10 years, so felt like it was time.” Hemsworth continued,”‘I feel really happy and really fortunate to be with such a great person.”

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Hemsworth also revealed that he almost wasn’t cast in The Last Song, meaning that he would never have worked with Cyrus, and ended up marrying her.

The actor explained, “They cast another kid, and it didn’t work out with him. My agent calls me like, whispering, like ‘You’ve got to go to Disney right now. It’s not working out with the other guy. You’ve got to go in and read with Miley again.'”

And the rest is history.

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